Name: Alyssa Nemes (a.k.a. Nemes)
Birthday: May 11
Located: Hamilton, NJ
Favorite Workout: Back and Booty
Favorite cheat meal: cream donuts from Eet Gud Bakery
I am a Nationally qualified figure competitor of the NPC. I am working to become an IFBB pro! I was the tom-boy cheerleader my whole life. I love to snowboard, surf, do yoga, play soccer, paddle board, cook, dance, free dive, and LIFT HEAVY! In high school, being a competitive cheerleader was what I lived for. Once I graduated, I needed something to do to stay busy. I wasn’t the best in school so I took a year off. I started going to the gym with no knowledge at all. I asked for help from others around me and lifting soon became my new favorite thing to do. I never wanted to be a bodybuilder, but I quickly realized the potential I had being a complete mesomorph (short, stocky build). I gained muscle faster than others and decided to compete in the Figure category. Since then, I’ve only competed twice and it’s now what I choose to live for. Watching my body transform, stepping on stage and being judged is what I’ve always loved. During my journey I’ve motivated thousands already and I want to continue to do so. There is no better feeling to me than seeing people get motivated and follow their dreams!
Alyssa Nemes 2