Name: Hollie S. Mulvihill (a.k.a. Moto Mo)
Birthday: May 4th
Location: Japan
Favorite workout: Back and Shoulders
Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice Cream, Steak, Okinomiyaki… Not in that order or altogether.

Hollie Mulvihill is a United States Marine stationed in Japan as an Air Traffic Controller that owes all her success to God. She has been active duty for 3 years. She began working out two years ago when she was considered overweight for her height in the military. She went from running every day and eating very little to lifting weights and eating healthier and has competed in 4 competitions, all of which she has placed top 5. She enjoys reading during her free time, but given the choice, she would go hiking in the mountains, camping, or taking the tops off of a jeep and gettin’ muddy.

Hollie Mulvihill 1