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  • Overview: Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar! AminoAide is perfect to sip during your workout to increase endurance. Grab it after to speed up recovery!

    Description: AminoAide increases endurance and stamina to push you through your toughest workouts. It uses fat as fuel meaning it’ll help in the fat burning process. It’ll keep you fueled and hydrated while also improving recovery times. Plus, it’s stimulant free. Fuel the fire inside you.

    Flavor: Snow Cone or Mango Breeze

    Who will this work best for?
    All athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts

  • Overview: Become a true part of the Rexx Elite and build the body you’ve always dreamed of! It's time to truly LiveActive!

    Description: It’s time to step your game up and create the active lifestyle of your dreams. The Rexx Elite Stack provides fat burning power thanks to Hyper Blaze, increased energy, focus, and pumps with the help of Driven 2.0, and superior hydration, endurance, and recovery from AminoAide. Be elite.

    Driven 2.0 Flavor: Tropic Twist or Pink Lemonade

    AminoAide Flavor: Snow Cone or Mango Breeze

    Who will this work best for?
    All types of athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts looking to enhance their physiques and reach their fitness goals


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Rexx Sports Nutrition’s mission is to provide you with the tools to live your most active lifestyle. It begins with a belief in yourself. It’s an understanding that who you are today is not the end result. We strive to build an all inclusive community where members continually support each other in order to build their healthiest and happiest day-to-day life. With a focus on transparency and ingredients that are backed by research, Rexx provides the means to supercharge your life and #LiveActive.

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